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Coconut Oil

I remember as clear as day sitting in a nutrition lecture at uni hearing about the negative impacts of the fat found in coconut oil. Now 6 or so years on it has come out that the fats in coconut oil have health benefits!

I have had a bit of a play around with coconut oil to see what I think…..

I have tried cooking with it, which I haven’t really enjoyed because the brands that I have used have left my food tasting very coconut-y!

But I have discovered that I love coconut oil in my green tea! Sounds weird but it feels like I’m having a nice treat and it’s healthy!

The science behind coconut oil is that it is composed predominantly of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). It is the MCFAs in coconut oil that make it different from other oils and which give it its remarkable nutritional and medicinal properties.

Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, unlike your typical oils such as olive oil. If you wish to use it you will need to heat it up and melt it.

I don’t know if I’ve physically seen any benefits of having the coconut oil but I enjoy it and only have a teaspoon or two a day which isn’t over the top.
I also find it a little filling as it has quite an oily texture so it would be useful if you are trying to lose weight…a green tea with coconut oil to ward off the nibbles! Just be sure to not have more then a teaspoon or two a day!

Coconut oil can be found in health food stores and online. Be sure to by 100% cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil to ensure you are getting the best quality.