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The healthiest vegetable award goes to…




A recent study (William Paterson University, America) found that watercress is the most nutrient rich vegetable (nutrients such as fibre, Vitamin D, A etc per 100 calories)

Nutrient density is not a new concept. For those familiar with the concept/theory of ‘Functional Foods’ you would be aware of the health and healing properties of various fruit and vegetable groups, such as, the cruciferous group. This is a great concept for using food as medicine and healing (and preventing disease!) through the use of food.

What’s the easiest way to include more watercress in your diet? Salads! Easily add a handful to any of your usual salads or sprinkle a small amount over meats, pastas and pizzas.

How did the other fruits and vegetables rank? See below! (Source: Time)

Item Nutrient Density Score
Watercress 100.00
Chinese cabbage 91.99
Chard 89.27
Beet green 87.08
Spinach 86.43
Chicory 73.36
Leaf lettuce 70.73
Parsley 65.59
Romaine lettuce 63.48
Collard green 62.49
Turnip green 62.12
Mustard green 61.39
Endive 60.44
Chive 54.80
Kale 49.07
Dandelion green 46.34
Red pepper 41.26
Arugula 37.65
Broccoli 34.89
Pumpkin 33.82
Brussels sprout 32.23
Scallion 27.35
Kohlrabi 25.92
Cauliflower 25.13
Cabbage 24.51
Carrot 22.60
Tomato 20.37
Lemon 18.72
Iceberg lettuce 18.28
Strawberry 17.59
Radish 16.91
Winter squash (all varieties) 13.89
Orange 12.91
Lime 12.23
Grapefruit (pink and red) 11.64
Rutabaga 11.58
Turnip 11.43
Blackberry 11.39
Leek 10.69
Sweet potato 10.51
Grapefruit (white) 10.47

Make Your Own Spelt Pasta

For the freshest, best tasting and free of nasties pasta….make your own!
You will need
  • 2 cups spelt flour
  • 3 eggs, at room temperature
  • 1 pinch salt


  1. Sift the flour and salt.
  2. Beat the eggs
  3. Make a well in the flour and then stir in the eggs
  4. Finish mixing with hands and then knead on a lightly floured surface. Knead until the mixture comes together
  5. Cover in cling wrap and allow to rest for 20 minutes.
  6. Roll with a pasta press or rolling pin.
    To make the sauce seen here, roast a variety of vegetables in the oven. Heat a tin of diced tomatoes in a pot on the stove with garlic and basil mixed through. Once hot, add the roast vegetables and cook for a couple of minutes.

Cacao….for chocolate addicts!

My new favourite treat for these cold days is to mix 1tsp of cacao powder into half a mug of almond or soy milk with 1/2-1tsp of Natvia. Zap in the microwave for 1 minute. Then add boiling water. Mmm delish!

This healthy treat is packed full of goodness. Cacao 10 times more antioxidants then green tea, wine and blueberries. It also helps to keep blood sugar levels balanced and is one of the richest sources of chromium and magnesium. 

Organic Road is the brand I prefer. It is certified organic, 100% Australian owned and has no added nasties. It’s available at Healthy Life health food shops.



Organic Produce

I recently tried produce from an organic food company and was very happy with the loot I received! The quality was great and it felt good to know that I was eating locally grown and sustainable food.

So it got me thinking…..what really are the pros and cons of organic produce?

Pros of Organic Foods

  • Enhancement of soil quality;
  • Some research finds that organic foods are richer in certain nutrients;
  • Although taste is subjective, there is a school of thought suggesting that organic food is more appealing to the tastebuds;
  • Ensures humane treatment of animals;
  • Increases land biodiversity;

Cons of Organic Foods

  • Generally more expensive;
  • Although, there is a greater demand and supply of organic food, it is not as readily available as conventional foods.  In saying that, however, big grocery chains are now beginning to stock a wider range of organic foods;
  • Organic fruits and vegetables are produced according to the seasons, making it more difficult to purchase a specific food when needed at any time of the year.

Pros of Conventional Foods

  • Cheaper;
  • Greater supply all year round;
  • Can be purchased at any grocery outlet;
  • Readily available.

Cons of Conventional Foods

  • Toxic residues;
  • Negative effects on the environment;
  • Does not have animal welfare at the forefront of its farming methods;
  • Some research suggests that conventional fruits and vegetables may not be as rich in nutrients as organic foods;
  • Often conventional foods have been stored in cold rooms for many months.
If you live in the Melbourne area, I highlight recommend Organic Origins. They deliver and there are a range of fruit and vegetable boxes as well as other organic food products that they deliver.

Super Charged Food

I was recently given a copy of the Super Charged Food recipe book. Its packed full of tips and ideas to live and eat a wholesome diet and lifestyle.

It’s based on the principal that Food is Medicine (absolutely agree! Even had a uni subject by the exact title).

Lee Holmes, the author, also has a a website full of great and inspiring ideas. It’s


Some of my recent favourite receipts soon to be posted!


I love chocolate! DARK chocolate! And luckily for me it has health benefits. I also try to go sugar free.

My lovely in-laws took me on a chocolate tour this weekend and we spent a couple of hours sampling delicious chocolotier chocolates.

Chocolate that has health benefits is fresh, has a high % of cocoa (70% or more) and few added ingredients, such as sugar.
The great thing about dark chocolate is that it is so rich that you only need a little to be satisfied!