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The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

  • You could actually burn more calories/kilojoules outdoors as it requires us to overcome gravity, environmental factors such as wind, heat and cold, as well as changes in terrain.
  • Once you get used to exercising outdoors, you lose the reliance on something external like a gym or health club in order to exercise. How many times have you said “I’ve been away so I haven’t been able to exercise”. Getting used to outdoor exercise means you can stick to your routine anywhere, even when you’re away on holiday and you’re more likely to keep up your normal routine.
  • The vitamin D gained from natural sunlight, plus the fresh air and freedom of movement, are so much more preferable to the artificial lights and air conditioning of the gym any day.
  • Did you know that much of the equipment in our gyms actually contributes to postural distortion, inflexibility and muscle weakness! Fixed weight exercise machines don’t always mimic how we use of muscle groups together in real life situations leading to imbalances and potential injury. When exercising outdoors you are more likely to focus on “functional” exercises which correspond to how we use our muscles normally. .
  • It’s so much more fun! There’s no getting away from it, gym-based exercise can become dull. Running, rowing or cycling for 20 minutes at a time, as well as repeatedly counting to 15 on resistance machines can lose its appeal.

    The Big, beautiful outdoors awaits you!


My friend Courtney completed her first triathlon this weekend. What a champ!

I’m a health nut, but not an exercise nut! So anyone who can run more then 5km is a legend to me!
Got me thinking though….what are the health benefits of doing triathlons!

Information can be found here.
But in short, competing in triathlons improves muscular and cardiovascular systems, decreases your body age and improves your confidence and mental well-being. Sounds good to me!


ChiBall was developed in South Australia in 1997. The classes have now spread across Australia and the world. Sweden has been using ChiBall as part of its treatment plan for Type 1 Diabetes.

ChiBall classes are a mixture of tai chi, dance, yoga, pilates, Feldenkrais and meditation.
Before a class you chose a ChiBall that feels right for you that day. They come in a variety of colours and scents that provide a point of focus for you while you undertake the class. For more information click here.