Aloe Vera Juice

Most of us would be aware of the healing properties of aloe vera when applied topically to the skin for problems such as burns.

Aloe vera is also available as a drink and manufacturers claim that it is a powerful elixir.
However, results from a small number of scientific researches shows that it may actually lead to problems of the gut.

The internet is full of pro and con articles about whether aloe vera juice is beneficial or not. I’ve given it a try, having about 30-50ml a day. I haven’t noticed any ill effects and actually think it has soothed my stomach a little. As always, everything in moderation…we’ll see what happens!

The brand I decided to try was this one



You can buy it at Coles Supermarkets. It was the most reasonably priced one I could find that didn’t have hidden nasties such as sugar and chemicals.

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