Organic Produce

I recently tried produce from an organic food company and was very happy with the loot I received! The quality was great and it felt good to know that I was eating locally grown and sustainable food.

So it got me thinking…..what really are the pros and cons of organic produce?

Pros of Organic Foods

  • Enhancement of soil quality;
  • Some research finds that organic foods are richer in certain nutrients;
  • Although taste is subjective, there is a school of thought suggesting that organic food is more appealing to the tastebuds;
  • Ensures humane treatment of animals;
  • Increases land biodiversity;

Cons of Organic Foods

  • Generally more expensive;
  • Although, there is a greater demand and supply of organic food, it is not as readily available as conventional foods.  In saying that, however, big grocery chains are now beginning to stock a wider range of organic foods;
  • Organic fruits and vegetables are produced according to the seasons, making it more difficult to purchase a specific food when needed at any time of the year.

Pros of Conventional Foods

  • Cheaper;
  • Greater supply all year round;
  • Can be purchased at any grocery outlet;
  • Readily available.

Cons of Conventional Foods

  • Toxic residues;
  • Negative effects on the environment;
  • Does not have animal welfare at the forefront of its farming methods;
  • Some research suggests that conventional fruits and vegetables may not be as rich in nutrients as organic foods;
  • Often conventional foods have been stored in cold rooms for many months.
If you live in the Melbourne area, I highlight recommend Organic Origins. They deliver and there are a range of fruit and vegetable boxes as well as other organic food products that they deliver.

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