What is your tongue telling you?

Yes…you read correctly….your tongue!



This ancient Ayurvedic practice involves examining the tongue for signs of what may be happening internally. It is believed that each region of the tongue corresponds to one of the major internal organs. It can give you information about your health to help you address a range of issues.
More information on tongue analysis can be found here

Chocolate Day


Today, 7th July, is officially chocolate day! 

Chocolate is believed to have health benefits…..but we’re not talking about your average Mars Bar!

Cacao, the raw unprocessed bean from which chocolate is made contains a high number of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Processing of the bean to produce cocoa reduces the quality, antioxidant and nutrient value.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 6.02.45 PM

Raw cacao powder can be purchased from most health food stores and from online stores such as Loving Earth.

One of my favourite and easiest ways to use cacao is to make a hot chocolate with it. It’s as easy as adding a heaped teaspoon to a mug of boiling water, adding a sweetener such as Stevia or Natvia (I like to use Mesquite powder instead for its health benefits and sweetness) and some almond milk (or your milk of choice).



What is your skin telling you?

I love ancient and traditional medicines and the theories they include. The simple practice of examining where blemishes are occurring on the face can give you an insight to what is happening in your organs. There can be, of course, other external causes for your blemishes such as not removing your makeup! But keeping an eye on what is happening with your skin and where may help you to keep track of your health. 


Apps to help you live a healthier life

After some new Apps to help keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle goals? Try these out!

My Diet Coach Pro

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 7.36.13 PM

My Diet Coach will help you to:
> Stay on track – With the user-friendly diet planner, meal and exercise journal, calorie counter, custom reminders for every diary event, challenges tracker, BMI calculator and BMR calculator.
> Get motivated – With the motivational photos aid, your goal reminder, virtual rewards and tips.
> Overcome weight loss difficulties – With tips and reminders for every type of challenge and by logging repetitive difficulties in your diet journal.
> Record and view your weight loss progress – With the Pro weight chart!
> Curb your next food craving with the “Food cravings panic button”.

My Plate

  • Daily Nutrition Charts
  • Custom Weight and Nutrient GoalsScreen Shot 2014-07-05 at 7.44.07 PM
  • Daily Caloric Breakdown – Fat, Protein, Carbs
  • Export and Print your Data for visits to your physician
  • Net Calories by Day, Week, and more

Body & Soul’s Top 50 Health Apps
There’s so many great ones on their list! Such as Swap It Don’t Stop It
Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 7.51.08 PM

Plastic Free July



Not only are plastics harmful for the environment but many contain toxins such as BPA which aren’t great for our health. Do your bit for sustainability and your health!

The Challenge

The challenge is quite simple. Attempt to refuse single-use plastic during July. 

“Single-use” includes plastic shopping bags, plastic cups, straws, plastic packaging…basically anything that’s intended only to be used once and then discarded. If refusing ALL single-use plastic sounds too daunting this time, try the TOP 4 challenge (straws, plastic bags, plastic bottles &coffee cup lids).

The rules

  1. Attempt to refuse single-use plastic during July.
  2. Remember it’s not going to be easy! It is a challenge, not a competition so don’t worry about being perfect.
  3. Collect any unavoidable single-use plastic you buy. Keep in a dilemma bag and share it with us at the end of the challenge.
  4. It’s up to you regarding how long you participate. You might decide to go plastic-free for a day, a week, a month or longer! However long you choose will still make a contribution.
Why you should participate
  • Apart from the small amount of plastic which has been incinerated EVERY piece of plastic which was ever produced still exists on earth somewhere. In the first 10 years of this century MORE plastic was produced than the entire last century!
  • Australians send 1 million tonnes of plastic waste to landfill each year. Do your part to make a change.
  • Why use something for a few seconds that is going to spend the rest of your life trying to break down in landfill? We really need to change our habits.

The healthiest vegetable award goes to…




A recent study (William Paterson University, America) found that watercress is the most nutrient rich vegetable (nutrients such as fibre, Vitamin D, A etc per 100 calories)

Nutrient density is not a new concept. For those familiar with the concept/theory of ‘Functional Foods’ you would be aware of the health and healing properties of various fruit and vegetable groups, such as, the cruciferous group. This is a great concept for using food as medicine and healing (and preventing disease!) through the use of food.

What’s the easiest way to include more watercress in your diet? Salads! Easily add a handful to any of your usual salads or sprinkle a small amount over meats, pastas and pizzas.

How did the other fruits and vegetables rank? See below! (Source: Time)

Item Nutrient Density Score
Watercress 100.00
Chinese cabbage 91.99
Chard 89.27
Beet green 87.08
Spinach 86.43
Chicory 73.36
Leaf lettuce 70.73
Parsley 65.59
Romaine lettuce 63.48
Collard green 62.49
Turnip green 62.12
Mustard green 61.39
Endive 60.44
Chive 54.80
Kale 49.07
Dandelion green 46.34
Red pepper 41.26
Arugula 37.65
Broccoli 34.89
Pumpkin 33.82
Brussels sprout 32.23
Scallion 27.35
Kohlrabi 25.92
Cauliflower 25.13
Cabbage 24.51
Carrot 22.60
Tomato 20.37
Lemon 18.72
Iceberg lettuce 18.28
Strawberry 17.59
Radish 16.91
Winter squash (all varieties) 13.89
Orange 12.91
Lime 12.23
Grapefruit (pink and red) 11.64
Rutabaga 11.58
Turnip 11.43
Blackberry 11.39
Leek 10.69
Sweet potato 10.51
Grapefruit (white) 10.47


Growing up my mum always told me to never stand in front of the microwave while it was on! I never really understood why….and I don’t know if she did either. She seemed to think that the microwave emitted something that was not good for us.microwave

I have previously written (here) about the concept of detoxing through reducing the amount of exposure to toxins rather then a process to constantly (and sometimes drastically) remove toxins from the body.

What if the way we are cooking is adding to the problem? We want to eat foods which are organic and free from toxins but is the simple activity of microwaving impacting the quality of what we eat and actually causing toxic change? Maybe my mum was right in some way.

Looking through some of the research it appears that the results show that there is minimal impact to the macro and micro nutrients in the food.

“Overall, the nutritional effects of microwaves on protein, lipid, and minerals appear minimal. There is no report on the effects of microwaves on carbohydrate fraction in foods. A large amount of data is available on the effects of microwaves on vitamins. It is concluded that there are only slight differences between microwave and conventional cooking on vitamin retention in foods. In conclusion, no significant nutritional differences exist between foods prepared by conventional and microwave methods. Any differences reported in the literature are minimal.” Source: The effect of microwaves on nutrient value of foods. Cross GA, Fung GY (PubMed)

However, one simple experiment by a high school student seems to have demonstrated a different result. More info here


Of course simple experiments such as these are possibly full of errors and variables which have not been considered. But it does make you stop and wonder what those waves are doing to our food…..

I tend to err on the side of caution….not really one to take a lot of risks….so I wonder how I would go not using a microwave…at all?! When I get home from being out and I’m starving and want to quickly zap my dinner in the microwave I won’t be able to. I’ll have to be patient and wait until it heats in the oven! I’m up for the challenge though!

One week. One week of not using my microwave…at all! With a 10 week old baby it’s going to be interesting. Wish me luck!

Healthy Gummy Treats

Enjoy eating lollies such as gummy bears but looking for a healthy alternative? Try fruit & vegetable gummy treats!

It’s as easy as….
1. Making 1 1/2 cups of juice (poured into a small pot). I made my juice by blending the ingredients in a food processor rather then a juicer to ensure I didn’t lose any nutrients.
2. Sprinkle over 4 tablespoons of gelatine or agar and allowing it to sit for approx 5 minutes before stirring through the gelatine/agar and ensuring it is mixed well
3. Gently heat the mixture through over the stove for a few minutes to ensure the gelatine/agar is completely dissolved-do not allow to boil!
4. You can add some honey or a tablespoon of Vital Greens/Spirulina powder etc if you wish
5. Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and slice tin. Refrigerate for a couple of hours to set.

The gummy treats I made below are kale, parsley, cucumber, kiwi fruit & lemon with vital greens added.
You can try any combination….just think about what you would put in your favourite juice!



In need of a yummy morning or afternoon snack?! Here is a scone recipe I randomly made up but which turned out really well! (phew!)

1tbsp of a good quality organic butter or spread
1/2 cup of coconut sugar (read about the benefits of coconut sugar here)
1tbsp hot water
1 egg
Approx 170g of cold, cooked pumpkin
2 cups of wholemeal flour
1tsp bicarb

1.Preheat oven to 180C
2.Blend the spread, hot water and coconut sugar together
3.Beat in the egg and pumpkin
4.Stir in flour
5.Use two large spoons to place rounds of the mixture onto a greased tray
6.Bake for 10-12 minutes


Strains & Sprains

Erin here is a special post for you and your ankle! 🙂

When the pain is acute gently massage the area with linseed oil every few hours then follow up with a daily massage of the oil.ankle

If the area is swollen, apply a compress of apple cider vinegar. To make the compress, place a cloth in warmed vinegar, wring it out and apply to the sprain.

When the swelling has gone, gently massage the area with a 50/50 mixture of rosemary essential oil and linseed oil.

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